jak’s cafe, london


after rave reviews from a colleague and reading about jak’s online, I was prepared to go and be disappointed. after all, I like my salads, but how different could it be from any other hippie cafe out there?

but I was wrong. and I apologize. the portions were large, oh-so-tasty and very very fresh. between the two of us, we had a portion of fresh salmon with mushrooms and sautéed vegetables, as well as a hefty portion of fish pie and a tuna salad.

the tuna salad had crunchy cherry tomatoes and a depth of flavour I only associate with Italian food, and this was giving off a strong Italian vibe as it was. the fish pie was fresh, tasting of potato and al-dente peas with generous flakes of salmon, and I could barely finish my plate of pie, tuna and veg.

the organic salmon was silky and there isn’t a better description for salmon that was meant to turn out just that way. we could not try the cheesecake or the tiramisu which are much-lauded everywhere, but I’ll be back. the cafe does breed a sort of exclusivity – a little in the style of those old westerns where a stranger through the door breeds stares – but they are very friendly behind the counter, and I swear you feel like a regular after your meal.

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