new york cheesecake


my first cake since moving into the new place, and for a special birthday. I think the “new york” title refers to a creamy baked cheesecake type, though before this I always thought it meant the sour cream topping that goes on so many NY-style cheesecakes in shops.

I’m a very anxious baker – the sort of person that would probably have an ultrasound everyday if pregnant – and particularly so with cheesecakes because the line between a creamily-dense cheesecake, and a crumbly one is very fine and easily missed.

that may seem ironic, since my cheesecake has a speckled top and a slight crack – purely superficial as it healed while baking at the lower baking temperature. but I hardly care for the ‘perfection’ of a pale cheesecake. I want a creamy, cheesy rustic hunk of a cake that you can’t stop eating into.

i think I may have succeeded with this one.

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