gold mine, london


decent chinese in bayswater. I don’t often go out to have chinese in london, unless it’s dimsum, and that’s primarily because chinese food needs a large group of people and I don’t have any interest in the roast duck that so many people praise.

goldmine tonight was alright. the first serving bowl of rice, though not really the most fragrant, was at least fluffy and went well with the strong-tasting food; the refill however had bits of uncooked rice that was very uncomfortable. around the lazy susan, we had the requisite roast duck – fatty but alright, morning glory fried with chilli and garlic, porkrib soup with watercress (my favourite of the night), stewed aubergine with minced meat, steamed egg, fried tofu, braised fatty pork with yam, venison stir-fried with spring onions and onions, and we finished with sliced oranges.

it really is just another alright chinese restaurant in london, alright for gatherings and large crowds, but I wouldn’t go there there for quality.

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Square Meal

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