banana bread


also a lesson in cutting cake as thinly as possible. when i get stressed and tied up, baking is just about the only thing I want to do.

tonight, I had leftover egg yolks that I bumped up with yogurt mixed in with banana and topped with a cinnamon-chocolate sprinkle (of magic dust) to make a tasty and healthy – no added fat – cake. makes me feel good and virtuous.

the recipe is adapted from orangette who has the best sort of blog, heart-warming and reliable. my changes were to replace the 2 eggs with 3 yolks and remaining weight in yogurt, bumping up the batter with milk because it seemed a little dry.

also I never use chocolate chips, because I always feel like I know what goes into the cake better when I chop up a bar I like to eat – also this way I get to steal a few shards here and there.

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