tapas barinn, reykjavik


fantastic tapas experience in reykjavik by the harbor. this is actually the first time I’ve had a full tapas meal – strange to me as I love the idea of having the choice of many tiny plates of food.

in any case, this won’t be the last time. this place was awesome. we had eight plates of food that started with a complimentary basket of foccacia-type bread with an oil dip and salted chopped nuts on the side. this was followed in quick succession by puffin breast with blueberries, cream cheese and some sort of fruit paste – we’ve never had puffin before and it tasted so gamey like as though it had been cured. it was alright, but I’m not sure I’d ever have it again but it’s just one of  those things you have to try in iceland; lobster tail with foie gras in a bisque-like  sauce – really good this, especially the sauce; and squid. the squid sounded quite normal on the menu, but it was so tasty and tender and delightfully fishy – this was my favourite of the night.

then we had barbecued pork ribs with an avocado side, grilled lamb – which I don’t eat but was told it tasted only alright, grilled goose that had a bit too much sour cream on the side, and a grilled quail. these were all rather good, but I have to say I don’t remember as much about them as I did with the first few dishes, so they are more decent than fantastic. still very good quality though.

we ended the meal with a chocolate liquorice cake, fondant-style. so amazing. I could not have enough of this – and I don’t like liquorice. you don’t taste it so much here, more a second facet of taste rather than an overwhelming layer. the waiters here were friendly, and really made the meal special.

our best meal in reykjavik.

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