potturinn og pannan, reykjavik


family-style icelandic in reykjavik. we were recommended this restaurant by the receptionist at the hotel, and it was a decent dinner with good quality ingredients, if nothing spectacular.

I ordered the catch of the day, which was good value as it came with the soup and salad bar. this was a white fish – can’t remember what – on a bed of tasty mash, surrounded by a strange curry sauce. strange because it was misplaced in a plate of what I thought was meant to be local, but it was still tasty. the self-service bar had two types of soup, and the vegetable one I tried was decent. the pretty-looking bread was very stale though – it needed long soaks in the soup to become edible.

we also had the lobster soup to share, but we weren’t impressed. I’ve found through reading various websites that the icelandic lobster soup is more a cream-sherry broth than a thick bisque which we prefer, so this is probably more a matter of tastes. as it was it was intensely savory – so much that we thought it was a little too salty initially – and the serving was far too big. the garlic cheese bread that came with it was nice though.

my partner had the lamb, and found as before that icelandic lamb is very mild – still too strong for me – and that while it was of good quality, it wasn’t impressive. this was a nice restaurant, and the waiters were well-meaning if a little unsure and unattentive at times. I’m not sure I’d choose to go back, but it was nice for a neighbourhood restaurant.

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