baked french toast


I’m not sure to post this or not, as I don’t think it was necessarily the best bread pudding I’ve made now was it entirely to my taste – which I know realise means sufficiently sweet to stand on it’s own without custard. I can’t stop eating it though, so that might mean perhaps that I subconsciously love this, or I just have a sort of addiction to bread.

this is a two-layered best-of-both – that is wholemeal bread masquerading as white – bread pudding with skim milk, grand marnier and baileys, raisins and flaked almonds. my adaptation to smitten’s recipe is also probably the reason I don’t like it.

I made this with wholemeal bread and not brioche because I wanted it to be healthy as well as tasty, and skim milk because that was what I had. it’s still very good with baileys ice cream though, and the crusty bits at the side are the absolutely best.

try this with brioche and chocolate chips and I bet it’d be even awesomer.

update: very good after a rest in the fridge and cold. virtuous enough to snack on.

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