mugen, london


average japanese by the river. we very spontaneously walked into mugen when we came out of the monument tube station.

the meal started very nicely with an unagi-avocado roll, good rice and the sauce-sushi ratio was just about right. then the squid tempura came – which was the day’s special and very cheap for £4.20 – a little overfried i.e. slightly greasy, and the batter a little thick but it was sufficiently pleasant though the you didn’t taste the squid so much as knew it was there from the bouncy texture.

our mains, a salmon sashimi and roe bowl as well as a katsudon were hit-miss. the salmon was fresh and plentiful for a bowl costing less than a tenner, but the rice was overly sticky and clumpy. a letdown for asians who love rice. the katsudon was less impressive, the batter separated from the overly chewy meat but the sauce and egg are very difficult to spoil and so we still finished most of the bowl (except for the clumps of rice).

we might come back if we were in the vicinity and didn’t know where to go, but probably won’t make the trip down just to eat here. unlike atariya.

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Square Meal

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