granger and co., London


average australian in notting hill. I have to say, I was looking forward to this one. I had just read an article in the paper about bill granger moving to london to set up this establishment, and a friend was here for brunch making it the best possible combination.

the restaurant was very pretty, what I think of as organic-style-notting-hill (which means posh and expensive, with pretty mums and cute little boys). trays were out on the bar counter with pretty bottles of liquour and cakes were laid out on another side. the staff were friendly enough, if a little aloof. I have to say I expected far more aussie hospitality.

our food came after a bit of wait (I have a feeling the waiter brought our dishes to the table next to us incorrectly) but they made for a rather pretty scene. a full aussie breakfast with mushrooms, bacon, sausages and eggs with toast – I think this panders to the wishes of men for meat, meat and more meat. the eggs were very buttery (I think that’s why they are so famed), and the rest of the items were rather normal. those mushrooms and the toast was lovely though.

the ricotta hotcakes with bananas were very visually impressive, a stack of three fluffy pancakes (the style I like best) on a sliced banana. they were less inspiring though – I thought they might have been a little undercooked and they weren’t that tasty. harmless though, but I’ve had better at tom’s kitchen.

it wasn’t too expensive, and I’ll come here again if I was in the area but it probably isn’t so much worth the trek.

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