tom’s deli, london


best of british in notting hill. I came here after granger and co. for brunch, after that strange sort of formality that you don’t expect to this warm and cosy cafe-deli.

it’s the best candy shop combined with a cake shop, so good for both adults and children (or the children in us). the thing that struck me though was how colourful it all was and how easy it was to photograph. christmas decorations were up too, so needless to say it was amazing.

belowstairs was a larder with american goodies (hugely overpriced, but what isn’t in london), as well as a salad selection and the homely sort of quiches and take-aways you’d expect.

we proceeded upstairs for a seat amongst american posters and banjo music, with a slice of raspberry cake and a slice of date-and-walnut. they were really nice, and the date and walnut – incredibly so. but we realised eventually that both cakes had the same profile, merely different textures. I’d say to go with a lemon- or cheese-cake next time for a more contrasting combination. they were so good with our tiny pots of tea though.

I think this is the sort of restful place you come in for some tea and quiet away from the mess of the world, to remind yourself of a childhood fascination with sweets and then later remember to have cake and tea because you’re now an adult. (I won’t begrudge you the festive candy though)

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