daylesford organic, london


amazingly photogenic british deli in notting hill. this is what I’m going to miss most when I leave london, the existence of these pretty delis where you can buy every-thing you want (given you have enough money), in an environ that may seem highly contrived, but really just makes me very relaxed.

we stole into here after some cake in tom’s – which makes this the third and final stop on my food tour in notting hill – because it was just too enticing from outside. I think what I’m most drawn by is the fact it feels so much like you’re shopping at a highly sanitized and restful farmer’s market. I know many people go to the market just for the noise and the jostle, and I do like that sometimes, but much of the time I want a pretty place to admire the colour and appeal of fresh produce.

they have everything from sweets to cold savouries, fresh produce and beautiful brown and white eggs, an ice-cream freezer shelf and a side for diners to sit. christmas was also in full appearance here, with shelves of stollen and preserves, a christmas shop and lots of mince pies and fruit cake.

come here, nay rush here for some posh but approachable calm. we took some of very generously-cut samples of carrot cake – moist with a smooth creamy icing, some stollen and very good flapjack. I know this is a chain, but it does what it does so well.

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