my old place, london


cheap and decent szechuan-ish near liverpool street. I’ve heard of this place a few times before, but this is my first visit here, and perhaps my first szechuan-style meal.

the food were all decent if not wow quality, and I come away from dinner with my opinions of szechuan food confirmed: oily, spicy and rich. a short summary of our meal: jellyfish and cucumber – good but I think pearl liang does a better version, the well-known szechuan first-deep-fried-then-stir-fried green beans with dried chillies, a dish of stir-fried pork belly with chillies and peppers which seem good for bolstering spirits (and yourself and your lumps) during winter.

after this came the water-boiled pork, a deceptive name because what it really is is pork and cabbage boiled in oil and soup, so that every piece you fish out of the bowl comes with a slick of fiery red oil. we also had stir-fried beef with spring onions, lamb skewers which I was told were the highlight of the meal, but which later left drops of coagulating oil on the tray (apparently this fat makes the meat very tender). the healthiest part of the meal, apart from the steamed rice, was the spinach in garlic sauce which I really enjoyed.

so there, decent chinese food at a ridiculously low-price. all rather tasty too.

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