yalla yalla, london


amazing lebanese street food in soho. I dislike no-reservation establishments, but this, and spuntino have made me realise that they are truly worth the wait. we queued outside the green street branch for 45 minutes waiting for a table, but I would – and am planning to – do it again.

everything was good, so there really isn’t need to go into detail. we had the elderflower lemonade and apple-mint-ginger drink to start, both too sweet but fragrant; the BEST plate of fried seafood I’ve had in london (and to put this in context my till-now favourite has been the fried calamari at busaba eathai), fresh and crisp and the spices were the best counterpoint; z’atar flatbread; a basket of pitas that never seemed to lose their warmth; hummus and a fattoush salad; grilled sea bass on a tomato sauce (so good) with fluffy fragrant pilau; as well as some grilled lamb skewer. that was a long paragraph, but it was so good.

we had a very friendly waitress too, and she gave in to our request for singular pieces of the sweets so we could try more. there was the turkish delight, which is the first time I’ve had it so fresh and fragrant; a date-semolina cookie; as well as kneefe, which was a semolina sponge on a layer of stretchy cheese. this last was a bit too unfamiliar, and we couldn’t finish it but it went well with the rose ice-cream. these were all too sweet though, but it’s a cultural thing.

run to yalla yalla, or rather don’t go there so I’ll have less of a queue to grapple with.

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