canteen, london


decent british by the river. I had my phone stolen here by a man coming into and stopping by our table on the pretext of selling the ‘big issue’ magazine, and I start this by saying that it is indicative of the service here. hectic and messy, such that we waited 10 minutes just to speak to the manager to get in, and this guy could actually get into the restaurant and get all the way to our table inside.

the food here is decent, with gems occasionally through the meal. the scotch egg was classy and the yolk inside still very orange and soft, the crust crunchy and the sausage meat around not too overpowering.

the roast chicken main here was good but very small – we expected at least a thigh but there were only two small pieces of chicken. the fish of the day – a grilled plaice – was fantastic, and not advertised enough which is strange as it was very good and fresh. the roast chicken salad was also quite good, the chicken tasty even though the dressing was a little too oily. always stick to getting the dressing on the side.

our desserts came, a bread pudding with salted caramel ice cream, a tart crumble which had a buttery top and a very red fruit filling, and a brownie with ice cream – we had actually asked for the chocolate and beetroot cake but service was so haphazard and difficult to attract that we just decided to have the brownie.

I think the food is decent, and I might come back again, but I’m none too impressed with service.

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