ogasawara japanese, xi’an


also known as 小笠原日本料理. sadly average japanese – I believe this is a chain restaurant. the sashimi was fresh enough to pass, but the food was not the best. it had a (very) chinese vibe, so while the ingredients made it look like it was authentic, the flavours didn’t really come true for us. however, since we weren’t nearly adventurous enough to try the other chinese restaurants – offering exotic dishes like offal and unfamiliar bits of animal – we might probably come here again if we were ever in the area again.

there was standard conveyor belt sushi – very cold but still tasty enough. they were very generous with the ingredients though, which you can probably see. I don’t have too much to say as this is no better or worst than chain converyor-belt japanese places, but the fried rice was tasty and generous in portion – and very good if you forget that you are meant to be eating japanese food.

get the sashimi, forget about authenticity, and the food here is worth its (low) price.


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