taipei chinese and western restaurant, xi’an


also known as 台北牛排中西餐厅. average fusion in xi’an, located at 西安市莲湖区西大街广济街十字百盛6层.

not to make too much of a strong point, but we were mostly at a lost as to what to eat in xi’an. many restaurants were offering exotic parts of animal, and our palates weren’t really suited to local food, so we ended up going into restaurants that looked most familiar. this restaurant was one of our attempts.

it had an area with ceiling-suspended swings for chairs where we sat, which was fun enough. service was rather haphazard, with an overworked waiter running around and many female waitresses standing in a corner and chatting.

the beef mains were decent, the beef quite tender; the broccoli side tender and fresh with a good dressing – a bit like a cold stir-fry dish; the prawns came with a sort of sweet-sour sauce – the best part of the meal though a bit oily; and a broiled oyster dish large and a bit strange but edible.

I have to say the complimentary red wine that came with the meal was alarmingly red, like as though we were drinking wine-flavoured food colouring and brought to mind the news we’ve read before of fake food in china. we rather obviously had a sip and left the rest alone.

I think the food here is safe enough – taste-wise at least – in the local context for foreigners wanting something more familiar, but I’m not sure we’ll return.

2 thoughts on “taipei chinese and western restaurant, xi’an

  1. One of the rules we use travelling in China is to avoid anything that uses “Western” in the description of the food or the business unless it’s actually run by Western people.

    It normally means that the food is over-priced and the poor souls in the kitchen have no real idea how to prepare it – leaving an appalled palette to rue the day you ordered.

    Fake red wine would be a new one though, the Chinese brand “Great Wall” is so cheap (and awful) that it hardly seems worth faking. But then again I’ve been served fake Tsing Tao so anything is possible here.

    Great post – and fantastic photos. Thank you.

    • i agree with you on the ‘western’ denotation actually, though sometimes we resort to them when everything else looked less appealing/unfamiliar – the latter happening very often in xi’an. this in particular was our attempt to eat something other than macdonalds!

      thank you for your nice comment!

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