grandbay restaurant, chengdu


also known as 大海湾酒楼. good cantonese-style food in downtown chengdu, specifically at 成都市人民南路三段29号附1号.

this was a good introduction to dining in chengdu, and we had a very good lunch here. this was the sort of food I was looking forward to on my visit back to china.

what we had: cold boiled chicken – very fatty but tasty; barbecued charsiu pork – so good; vegetable dumplings; boiled kailan with oyster sauce; clams in a hotpot with broccoli; boiled prawns with their heads chopped off and deep fried with salt and pepper – which intensified their prawniness; shark’s fin – still a very chinese staple in seafood restaurants; goose web with chinese mushrooms; grilled eel – very much like unagi, a little dry but still very tasty; broiled scallops with a truckload of garlic or fermented black beans; flowy salted-egg custard buns and a complimentary plate of prettily-cut fruit.

we’ve kept the namecard for this restaurant, a visit in due when we return.

3 thoughts on “grandbay restaurant, chengdu

    • hi renee (: I’m Chinese and there are some things that I can’t even imagine eating – the old adage that the Chinese will eat anything makes for some weird sorts of food sometimes. thanks for linking to the book, it looks like it could be a good read!

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