pitstop, dujiangyan


if you’re interested, this restaurant is called 吴淞口河鲜川菜馆, and we stopped here on our way to the dujiangyan irrigation system, also known as 都江堰.

the cab driver put us down here for a spot of lunch, as an example of local food and we partook, but obviously steering away from the traditional spicy szechuan dishes. we had chicken soup with gingko nuts – I think this is a local specialty, salty waxed pork stir-fried with local vegetables – very fatty like bacon, stir-fried wild vegetables that tasted like stalks of parsley – fragrant though we’ve never had ‘parsley’ stir-fried on its own before, as well as an omelette.

I use this as another instance of local food, rather than a recommendation to a restaurant. I have no idea where this is, except that it is near 都江堰, but I do have a contact number (028-89700800).

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