tian tian yu gang seafood, chengdu


also known as 天天渔港. I’ve only just found out that this is part of a restaurant chain, but the quality here is superb and though the restaurant is raucous and you are occasionally disturbed by people smoking in the restaurant, service is prompt and the food comes quickly.

we visited the restaurant twice, and the second visit was as impressive as the first. the format is simple: visit the tanks on the ground floor to pick your choice of seafood, the method of cooking, then proceed back to the table on the second floor to wait. there were all sorts of clams, fresh fish, prawns, and baby abalone – the choice here really is limited to your imagination grasp of the language and how able you are in explaining what you want.

I’d be happy to come back – the food is fresh and quick, and the prices fair (if you know what you’re ordering). there isn’t more you can say about a good meal.

p.s. the photo of the crocodiles up there isn’t misplaced – they are available for ordering if you so choose.


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