chinese meatballs


these were adapted from a recipe over at smittenkitchen, and they are turkey meatballs punched up with asianish herbs and a potently savoury glaze.

I didn’t vary too much from her recipe, apart from halving it. since you can get the recipe over at her site, here are my changes.

sauce: I melted 0.25cup dark brown sugar in 0.25cup water, then added slightly less than 0.25cup soya sauce and 0.25cup shaoxing wine (because I had no sake) as well as two knobs of ginger that had been chopped up (not too finely because I am too lazy to sieve it after cooking). the sauce is incredibly savoury and I was really worried about how it would taste with the meatballs, but those were unfounded fears.

the meatballs were made to her recipe, although I baked them at 200C instead of frying them individually. don’t be worried about the juices and sludge that oozes out, they make no difference to the taste at all. I also glazed them before eating with steamed rice and stir-fried bokchoy.

the sauce is amazing and really makes a difference to the meatballs so don’t skip it (I myself was tempted before and now I realize that being a bit less lazy might be for the best if it results in things as good as this sauce).

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