guangzhou restaurant, guangzhou


also known as 广州酒家. located at 广州市文昌南路2号, also very conveniently downtown. this restaurant has an awesome design, and feels almost like you’re eating in an olden establishment what with its courtyard design and upper floors all overlooking the central courtyard. actually come to it, many restaurants in china feature this design, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. it adds a certain authenticity no matter how orchestrated.

as with the previous restaurant, this is traditional cantonese cooking at a very high standard. I didn’t quite enjoy this as much as lianxianglou though, which I thought was slightly better.

we started off with jellyfish that smelled very suspiciously fishy. when we asked the waitress about it, we were told this was normal and that it was a result of marinating the jellyfish overnight. I think you really need to stand your ground in restaurants especially when they try to convince you that your intuition is wrong, and so we rejected this dish. not a great start.

but they recovered with the double-boiled soups – we ordered two types, watercress and abalone – both nourishing and tasty. the rest followed quickly enough, with deep-fried pork ribs – a little fatty but rather tasty; fried prawns atop broccoli; rolls of pork around yam; goose web; and our now-standard steamed mandarin fish.

a good experience and very tasty food – just perhaps skip the jellyfish unless feeling adventurous.

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