lianxianglou, guangzhou


also known as 广州市莲香楼有限公司. opened in 1889, located at 广东省广州市荔湾区第十甫路67号 (very conveniently in the middle of downtown).

we stumbled on this restaurant after going into the bakery located on the ground floor that had rows of fresh cantonese pastries and biscuits. service is prompt and knowledgeable, and we had a very good lunch.

this meal started with a double-boiled watercress soup – you cannot go wrong with soups in cantonese kitchens – followed by an appetizer of jellyfish. we had two plates of jellyfish, but that’s probably also due to my fascination with its textures and taste. there were fried prawn cakes wrapped in potato strings; an oily but tasty dish of egg whites, prawns and dried scallops; chinese spinach in broth; steamed mandarin fish – whereupon I really would like stop myself from waxing lyrical about the smooth texture and taste of this fish. we finished the meal with steamed papaya with hashima (for all those unfamiliar with this it essentially is a sort of jelly made from frog secretions – sounds gross but it’s rather nice) and the best egg tarts I’ve had in a while.

very very good (and tugs on my heartstrings for how cantonese it is).

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