cafe espana, london


good spanish in soho. I read mixed reviews about his place before I came, and so I arrived convincing myself not to have any expectations. We initially missed the entrance of the restaurant (twice actually), which really indicates just how typical its exterior is in soho – if I hadn’t read about this place I probably wouldn’t have ever walked in. I’m quite glad I did though, because though imperfect this place is both homely and serves good food.

portions here are big, and those 6 plates of tapas did okay for two hungry girls. I say big but this is of course in relation to the typical sizes of tapas plates you get in town sometimes. we had prawns in a garlic sauce, good for dipping in bread; (incidentally there is no complimentary bread basket) bruschetta with tomatoes and olive oil, unimpressive but gave us a carrier for the prawn sauce; spanish omelette that I very much enjoyed and was fluffy and thick; sautéed mushrooms, very good and seemed to have a hint of wine; boiled broccoli, over-cooked and VERY SALTY but still edible; as well as my favourite in the meal, grilled calamari rings – they had some sort of char that wasn’t really char going on and was perfect.

next time I’ll come back for their grilled baby squid! the restaurant is very cramped so it’s better for small groups or couples, but it’s quiet enough to chat comfortably.

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