princi, london


good italian dessert in wardour street. this is one of alan yau’s, and I have to say the man knows how to deliver reliably decent food. the only one of his that I’ve been to that I didn’t enjoy was cha cha moon, but my ultimate stupendously favourite restaurant in london – busaba eathai – is also part of his repertoire and one day I will finally get to tell you about it.

today we headed to princi for some dessert, and it was packed – as it always is – like sardines. I think I annoyed four people just trying to get in my seat.

we tried the chocolate and walnut tart – doesn’t look so appealing on its own in that photo there – as well as a peach and pistachio tart. the chocolate tart was disappointingly dry, though chocolatey, and I have to say it would have gone very well with our desired cup of tea but their hot water machine had apparently broke down so we didn’t get it.

the peach and pistachio was moist and more interesting; I might actually have this again. if I’m not wrong, it is essentially a sort of sweet digestive-like crust with a frangipane middle topped with half a canned peach.

this wasn’t one of our best experiences here, but that’s alright. I love the ambience and the feel of the place as well as the large variety out on show. next time I’d probably go back to the cheesecakes and millefeuiles we’ve had before.

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