sautéed vegetables


give a chinese a vegetable, and he will cook it.

I don’t even know how I come up with those things – not that they are brilliant at all of course – but really this post is just to demonstrate the fact that absolutely any vegetable can be cooked chinese-style. high heat, oyster and soya sauce as well as sesame oil can be applied to countless permutations of vegetables.

these were what I had in my fridge. cut them up into uniform sizes – dice them if you’re dicing, matchstick them if that’s what you’re into, heat some oil up in a pan till hot (I do mostly vegetable oil with a dash of sesame oil) and then throw in your seasoning – garlic, ginger, onions or anything like that – I chose to use dried shrimps and immediately reduce the heat to about medium so that it gets frothy in the oil and doesn’t burn.

throw in your slower-cooking vegetables like carrots and celery and toss around until they are done about midway, and then throw in the softer vegetables. I tend to like quite a bit of pepper in my stir-fry as well as some add to taste oyster sauce.

and don’t those vegetables just make such pretty pictures with their colours?

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