strawberry summer cake


another one from smitten. I’m in a bit of a baking snit, not having baked anything since november (I think), and at the moment I’m slightly pacified by this almost summery cake. it makes you forget the cold outside, although the illusion didn’t hold quite as strong as the draft coming through the kitchen window.

I reduced the sugar in this cake by 3 tablespoons, and baked it in a wider-than-long cake pan and I still had problems squeezing all my strawberries in. I suggest using a biggish pan so that you have more real-estate to lay those strawberries out – and it gives you a better fruit-to-cake ratio.

the strawberries become jammy and really caramelized, and the sprinkling of sugar snow  on the strawberries before baking really help them with this. this feels homey, and I know I’ve said before that that’s an illusion since I never had this at home – unless i baked it myself – but I’ve concluded that these memories are just as well self-created as if I had inherited them.

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