princess garden at mayfair, london


average dimsum near bond street, but prompt and professional service warrants a return, especially for occasion-eating.

this is the first of my lunar new year meals, and dimsum is always a good start to things. I came here instead of pearl liang which to me is standard decent london dimsum for a change, and no regrets here.

we had an assortment of standard dimsum, all rather typical and not quite outstanding. it was good enough to facilitate a good meal between friends, but on its own wouldn’t warrant a special return though I certainly wouldn’t say no to repeat visits.

this is in large part to the service. we were also celebrating a birthday, and the waiters very graciously brought our cake (brought from home) on a silver cake platter to the table with a lighted candle, as well as provided us with plates, clean forks, cake servers and a knife without hurrying us about it. we also requested, and were given, plastic boxes to bring the remaining cake back. I wouldn’t classify the service as particularly attentive, but they are prompt when you let them know what you need, and what else could you ask for?

good for entertaining, food that facilitates talking and prompt service, all in a posh-ish environ (rather expected given its classy locale).

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Square Meal


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