pearl liang, london


good chinese food in paddington. happy lunar new year everyone! it’s a few days of proper feasting, and tonight we headed to pearl liang for the all-important symbolic dinner. this place is my go-to for decent chinese food at reasonable prices – and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the place is decorated in a very pleasant and presentable modern chinese manner.

I was told when making the reservation that they were going to arrange for us to have a table between the bar and dining area which made me a little worried but when we got there we had a nice corner table – even if service there was a little sparse.

tonight we had one and a half whole roasted duck – moist and crispy; fish fried with salted eggs – this was amazing though a bit greasy; prawns with dried chillies on a vermicelli basket – this is a very standard dish during our visits here because it is very tasty, though a rather stingy with portions; stir-fried vegetables – far too much cornflour so they got a bit gloppy; a tofu dish with mushrooms that looked really different from the menu photo – don’t order this; the braised fatty pork was also very tasty.

we paid a reasonable amount for all this food, and it was a good way to ring in the new year. still one of my favourite places in london to have chinese food.

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Square Meal


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