muriel’s kitchen, london


good british organicky food in south kensington. it was 10pm, dinner felt like it was soon going to be a dream, and southken was filling up – like it always does – with women in tiny dresses and dapper men in suits.

we headed round the station to muriel’s, which we’ve always wanted to eat at (enticed by the wholesome-sounding menu and chip-cheap prices (for the area)) and were lucky that it closed only at 1030pm. it certainly looked organicky, with pretty wholesome cakes – I should tell you I am partial to these unfinished rustic cakes over frosted perfection – and a lot of vegetables and natural ingredients laid out on wooden boards. I would say this is a very typical british posh-y cafe, not really british in cuisine so much as in inspiration and layout – the flavours are borrowed very cleverly from many other regions.

between the two of us, we had a personal-sized lancashire hotpot, and three sides of broccoli, green beans and potato wedges. I was told the hotpot wasn’t too impressive and the potato crisps on the top were a little soft, but the wedges, broccoli and beans were full of tasty flavours, and I guess any letdown from the hotpot might have been the fact that we were there just before closing.

i’ll come back here – it’s very good value for a pretty surrounding and good homefeel food. we sat at the bar-style table along the window and its planters, and the plants there were so calming. a very very good option for lunch.

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