cheddar gougeres


I’ve waited a few days now since buying the ingredients before making this, and so I have to say I started this recipe with a lot of anticipation and optimism, especially since it’s a much lauded lebovitz recipe.

the dough came together simply enough, flour, eggs, butter and water mixed in with cheese and chives before being baked in a hot oven to make crispy brown puffs.

I used a mix of extra-mature cheddar and parmesan to make these , as I thought they would bring great flavour and cheesiness to these french cheese puffs.

alas, after they were baked I kept thinking something was missing – you tasted the cheese, but in a very simple savouriness as opposed to the complex flavour I had hoped for. I’m going to try and make these again, but I think what I’d do next time is use a flavourful liquid like beer instead of water, try gruyere in them, and use bacon fat as well as bits of bacon in the batter instead of the butter.

they certainly look very pretty though, but what a waste.

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