la trompette, london


a well-executed and very rich dinner at la trompette. I had read lots of good reviews about the food here, with the only complain being that the food was a little too rich; who would have thought that would be a problem? but after having dinner here, I know what they mean but I still had a fabulously good time.

the staff here are friendly and gracious; attentive but not obtrusive. they let me switch to a table in the corner when I asked, and kept our glasses filled all night. they also offered us a selection of bread while we were perusing the menu and I have to ask: why on earth don’t other restaurants do this? it’s nice to know that I can munch on something right when I get into the restaurant (always said I was greedy).

I had initially picked an appetizer of seared tuna, but changed my mind to the day’s special of smoked eel with beetroot, applle and wasabi mayonnaise. I had seen reviews from people who had ordered something similar but they never said how it tasted so I had been apprehensive – horrible thoughts of jellied eels intruded. but it tastes amazing! very mild tasting, with the texture of beautifully moist smoked fish. it wasn’t fishy at all! my partner had the partridge with foie gras, very good but very rich too.

for mains, I had the venison: loin cooked medium rare as well as hache of venison, which essentially is meat chopped up with spices and gathered into a sort of meat-ball. very tasty, especially with the truffled parsnip puree. on the other side of table was slow-roasted pork belly; he was very happy with the crackling and the tender falling-apartness of the dish.

the dessert of creme brulee and warm ginger cake were both very good; the brulee was a little too sweet – though I think that could have been the affect of the intense vanilla-y flavour.

a good meal, very well-executed but I think it was a little too rich. we were sated but also very full – it’s been three hours now and I still feel it a little – but I think it was robably our choice of dishes as well. come here if you’re in the area, or even if you aren’t, just come by for the well-executed but not poshy food and ambience.

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