yauatcha, london


relatively expensive decent dimsum in soho. this is my second time at yauatcha in my 3 years here, and the food was as good as ever, though service was a let down. (our waiter was offensive, aggressive and completely unpleasant but the food was alright and so I didn’t raise the point, but it definitely was not a michelin-deserving experience.

the dimsum falls under the ‘fusion-ish’ umbrella – but is executed very well. the food is tasty and sufficiently tasty though not completely authentic, and I think this is possibly what not-completely-unknowing westerners would assume dimsum is. I did enjoy myself though.

out of what we ordered, the jasmine pork ribs are the best – reminiscent of barbecued pork ribs with its sticky glaze and tender meat, they were meaty and very good. the prawn-beancurd cheung fun was also very good, and I remembered it from my first visit here. the coconut charlotte was AMAZING. amazing with the accompanying mango sorbet, and it was light and refreshing – but rich enough so my sweet tooth was satisfied.

what wasn’t good were the rice-paper-prawn-mango roll, which was a slightly greasy oil-tasting crispy outer covering a gooey mayo-ey filling. I wouldn’t order this again.

go upstairs to admire the cakes and macaroons before you leave – I’ve been told the macaroons are good. come here for a lunch with friends, where it’s a lot more casual and less business-ish stifling than hakkasan.

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