penton and byrne, london


british-y confectionaries by goodge street. this place is another one of those I class as british organic – and you must notice the similarity in styles that this bakery shares with places like daylesford organic. they certainly make for attractive visuals, if nothing else.

there were cinnamon rolls and tall frosted cupcakes, but I thought that the most appealing things looked to be their cakes – and there are many of them, in intriguing flavours. alas many of them come as whole cakes, and so I didn’t have the chance to try them.

what I did try were their jaffa cakes, which at £2.20 probably costs a lot more than a box from the supermarket. it was a posh, high-quality version of the originals, with smooth bittersweet chocolate covering a not-too-sweet marmalade over crumbly but not too crumbly cake. very nice.

they have branches in a few places, but if you’re looking for the one we visited, it’s inside the Heals department store, a very nice place with loads of pretty houseware.

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