red n hot, london


good szechuan food in soho. when we arrived at the restaurant, I was really bothered by the weak ventilation (yes I love food, but I do not want to smell like it when I leave).

thankfully the food was more than up to scratch and so was worth that trouble. as with most chinese restaurants, you do better eating in a crowd here. we ordered water-boiled fish (really fish cooked in a broth beneath a thick layer of chilli oil and dried chillies), ‘”appetising fish” (non-spicy and really tasty succulent fish), stir-fried chicken, spicy ma-po tofu and water spinach with garlic. the only thing that wasn’t good were the noodles, which came with barely any sauce and had to be bumped up with the gravy from the other dishes.

this is a good place for relatively inexpensive and good szechuan food, if you don’t mind smelling like the restaurant when you leave.

Red 'n' Hot on Urbanspoon


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