andrew edmunds, london

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decent british-european in soho. this is a cramped restaurant, with tables so close together that when you move into your seats you worry about your butt sliding along the edge of your other diners’ tables.

and while the food wasn’t spectacular, it was good enough without complain, and it was a good medium for fantastic conversation.

we started with dressed crab, very fresh and crab tasting and went well with the lemon. I really like the brown bits of cram meat especially. we also shared an olive-octopus-chorizo stew which was very savoury and went so nicely with the bread. I love the after-taste of olive, e.g. the parts of olive bread that touched the olive though I won’t eat the olives themselves, and it’s the same thing here. I really like it.

we had two servings of the cod served on braised butter beans and what I think is spinach, and the cod was well-cooked and obviously flakey, as you can see. there really isn’t much more you can say about a well-cooked dish that was between the meh and wow spectrum.

we decided not to stay for dessert, which was traditional but not particularly enticing, and after all we were in soho, land of princi and cakes and trendy cake shops. come here for good comforting french-bistro-feeling food, and extreme cosiness. that cosiness isn’t bad, by the way, it wasn’t obtrusive at all – everyone just went on with their conversations and there was a comforting din.

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