l’eto caffe, london

l'eto (1)l'eto (2)l'eto (3)l'eto (4)l'eto (5)l'eto (6)l'eto (7)l'eto (8)l'eto (9)l'eto (10)l'eto (11)l'eto (12)l'eto (13)l'eto (14)

good dessert on wardour street. I have to say I love taking photos of cakes all laid out on a counter – I want a counter like that so desperately.

it’s frequently a toss-up between princi and this place – and though sometimes I think princi has more innovative and special-looking desserts, I very frequently end up here in l’eto because you can actually get seats, and they aren’t the sort of bar-style ones or fashionably squashed ones you have in princi. (although even after at least 3 visits, this is the only time I’ve only found out the name of this place)

this time we ordered a blackcurrant mousse style cake that had a thick jelly-ish puree layer on top – this layer was almost like a fruit roll-up in consistency and was resilient to the fork. it was very tasty though.

our other order was a matcha cheesecake – intense green-tea flavour and then when you get into the middle, there’s a fruit filling in the middle of the cake, just like the little bit that’s on the top.

our redberry tea with mint was sweetened (we didn’t expect this) but very refreshing with that lilt of mint at the end. I ended up eating the berries when we were done with the tea, and they were very pleasantly sour.

I like the cakes here, and they do look good, as do all the tarts and chocolate treats laid out there. for it’s great location, it’s still largely ‘hidden’ (as hidden as you can be next to a hummingbird bakery store; though perhaps this detracts attention) and the stuff really is tasty.

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