cecconi’s, london

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brilliant european in mayfair. cecconi’s is apparently a sort of brunch institution in london, and we were lucky enough to get in at 11 on a sunday without having to wait too long, although we had to sit at the bar.

it was enjoyable enough, since we got to talk to the bar-man and see the cocktails and proseccos being dished out and it was cosy enough to chat. we started off with pots of tea – they were very generous with the loose tea leaves – and have I mentioned how much I love pretty tea strainers and silver teapots?

we decided on a florentine and royale for the two of us, and very quickly got our plates of perfectly poached eggs on english muffins and hollandaise. have a look at that amazing orange yolk – all flowy and rich-tasting.

I have to say I don’t really understand the point of hollandaise – but I don’t eat mayonnaise either – it’s a sort of mild-tasting sauce that I suppose is meant to make the dish even richer. it doesn’t taste of much to me, and you can see that I asked for it on the side.

in any case, I’m going to try and come back for lunch sometime – the smells and seeing the plates of food coming out as we were done with brunch were so savory and appealing. this place is posh too, in a classic institution sort of way, and brilliant for a girlfriend’s lunch, or for a meal with the parents.

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