kinnaree, birmingham


alright thai down near brinkley street. when we walked towards the restaurant we could barely tell if it was open (this was at noon), and the lady at the counter was still putting on her makeup as we walked in. the place also had about a gazillion thai statues and sculptures around, and sort of looked like an overzealous thai home decor show had exploded in there.

this clearly isn’t fine dining then, but it did make for an alright lunch with friendly if – mostly – missing service, and have a look at those prices! a dish of noodles or rice for less than 5 pounds! you know you’re not in london when..

so in any case, I had what was missold to me as noodles in tomyum soup, but really came out as a chicken soup – didn’t taste of MSG and I wasn’t too fussed so I just threw in some of those bird’s eye chillis. on the other side of the table was a red beef curry, tasty and quite creamy. these two dishes were still sort of teetering on the bad side of the mediocre-average divide, but our shared dish of fried sea-bass – in what was supposed to be thai sauce but really seemed a bit like sweet and sour – helped lift the meal a little. you can’t really go wrong with a fresh whole fish.

so I might come here for cheap thai in birmingham, but then again I’m not a local and so there might be better places around but for a londoner, those prices are acceptable and almost-reasonable for the food we got.

Kinnaree Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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