arang, london


decent korean in soho. I’ve walked past arang quite a few times while in soho, and I think I might have been here about 3 years ago but tonight it was a very good place for a meal with friends, and the ventilation system isn’t too bad for a korean bbq place. very much like assa, however, you smell like food when you leave – I think it’s a korean restaurant typeofthing.

our meal started off with the typical appetisers of seasoned bean sprouts, a potato salad and kimchee, the last of which I still am unable to appreciate. it’s sort of like my dislike for olives – I like the leftover flavour that it leaves behind in a stew or a dish, but eating it on its own is very much a fear factor thing to me (I exaggerate only a little).

we started with dubboki, here cooked with the transparent-and-chewy sweet potato noodles, fish cakes and a half-boiled egg, very tasty and the sauce was less overpowering than the rendition at assa.

the barbecue was pre-empted by our waitress individually doling out leaves of  lettuce and arranging seasoned spring onions atop; the hot plate and dishes of bulgogi, squid and marbled beef followed very closely. the meat was fresh and tasty enough; I had no complains. we also ordered a seafood and vegetable casserole to bulk up the meal – this had quite a lot of seafood, sweet potato noodles and the crab in there helped make a fantastic broth, even if it left the crab meat and shell soggy.

we finished with a complementary plate of prettily-cut oranges; this immediately made me wonder how many young waitresses were behind in the kitchen cutting segments of orange.

the only quirk with arang is how prompt, almost anxious, they are to pass you and collect the bill (already noted by some other foodies). they came to ask if we were done, rather pointedly, and then came forth with the card machine even before we finished the oranges. I don’t understand this, as there weren’t that many people waiting for tables – but oh well.

otherwise, service was friendly till the weird urgency at the end of our meal, and the food was decent as well as reasonably-priced. I think I might choose to come here instead of koba the next time I crave barbecue; though koba seems to have better food quality, the combination of price-worthiness and convenience here at arang is difficult to beat.

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