fruit+veg markets, poland

polishmarket (1)polishmarket (2)polishmarket (3)polishmarket (4)polishmarket (5)polishmarket (6)polishmarket (7)polishmarket (8)polishmarket (9)polishmarket (10)polishmarket (11)polishmarket (12)

just a couple snapshots from my visit to markets in krakow and gdansk.

i am a complete photo-junkie when I get to markets – there’s something about all that colour, and the lighting that you get in the morning/afternoons (which is the time that they’re open) makes photography a pleasure.

I love markets like these – in london my favourite is borough market, but that’s quite a bit of a trek for me so I don’t usually go there. there is north end road market, but I find that a little more real-life (to me) and less outing-like, which is what I think of my trips to borough.

in europe there are amazing markets like these in squares, and oftentimes we just happen on them. most of them are going out of fashion since supermarkets are taking over the world becoming more prevalent and the younger generation (I’m an old soul myself) tend to prefer pretty standard-looking fruit and pink slabs of meat in plastic wrapping. I do most of my shopping in supermarkets so I’m not being judgmental; I just think that when we can, we ought to help our small-scale growers and small-business owners as possible.

polish markets were interesting to me because I realise that they carry quite a bit more dried fruit (as part of the fruit stores, instead of separate stalls as is normal) and I saw these dried black pears (3rd photo down on the left).

if you know what those dried pears are used for please let me know! I’ve done a google but I’ve been turning up recipes for the typical semi-dried pear slices that we usually get.

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