hard rock cafe, krakow

hard rock cafe (1)hard rock cafe (2)hard rock cafe (3)hard rock cafe (4)

alright american food in the centre of krakow. after our polish meal at polakoski, we felt like we needed a bit of a change – we went to the food court at the top floor of the galleria krawkowska – the shopping mall right at the krakow glowy (central) station – and had some salad for me, fast food for my partner.

so on the third night, we decided to venture into the hard rock cafe – I’ve never ever eaten at one of these, and the thought of having a bit of familiar food was a bit of an attraction. I truly am ashamed as someone interested in food to say that I was a bit unwary of the unfamiliar polish food, but I don’t know if it’s the familiarity so much as the nuances of taste not really something I appreciated.

in any case, at hard rock cafe you get quantity over quality, over-the-top american-style waiters and waitresses who are incredibly friendly and enthusiastic – this is probably part of the blueprint of the chain’s identity.

we started with a side of onion rings – it was a big plate of chunkily thick onion rings in crispy batter. I don’t usually appreciate fried foods for their greasiness but these were almost perfect since you could taste the onions and the batter was nice and crisp. I can’t imagine what a full serving of the onion rings might have been since we could barely finish these above our mains.

I had the anti-cobb salad, which I was very impressed with when it arrived. imagine that I had felt a little more than hungry for fresh vegetables and no weight in my meal – and then came this giant plate of fruit and vegetables arranged on some ice-berg lettuce. I didn’t need the dressing at all because the sweetness of everything just worked.

the bar-b-q combo was a large plate of meat and fries; the meat was dry though thankfully the ribs came loaded with a lot of sauce and so we could finish it.

I don’t think you really expect fantastic food when you come to hard rock – in fact I think the only reason to come here is if you were hankering for something familiar and were also going to be highly tolerant of lower standards for that commodity. I did enjoy my salad though – very american portions and tastes.

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