airport food, warsaw chopin airport


airport food in most european/american airports are on par with the stuff you actually get on planes. it’s like as though their acclimatising you for mediocrity since you’ve been locked in a place and have no alternative for food.

we stopped over at warsaw chopin airport on our way to danzig, and we found what we thought was a corner ‘deli’ that looked the most appetizing. most of the airport seems to be under construction so there is only a canteen-like place, a salad bar and one or two bar-type places and this ‘deli’.

I never really understand having bars in airports – do you really need that much fortification before taking transport that really is as prevalent as the bus?

in any case, half a chicken and a pint of beer set my partner back nearly 20pounds, which makes this the most expensive meal we’ve had in poland. we would have been happy to pay about 10, but this was ridiculous. the chicken as dry, the skin as rather soggy, and the vegetables boiled to an inch of its life. why do people still do this to vegetables?!

so I went for a chicken salad that was strange – the chicken had been battered but it looks as though it never had a chance of being crisp, and it seemed to have lost the fight to try. but 3pounds for sweetcorn, some vegetables and a portion of protein (no matter how dubious) makes this indistinguishable from many salad lunches I’ve had.

they really should learn from asian airports – which have less bars, more cafes and much better food. yes I am making an overriding generalisation, but really no one speaks for joy about stopping over in europe unless they get to leave the prison that is confines of the airport.


2 thoughts on “airport food, warsaw chopin airport

  1. Food play a vital role in Travelling, so if you are in ttrip to Chopin than i want to tell you that here lots of resturents are present near the airport for serve you one of the best food.

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