jewish quarter zapiekanka, krakow

zapiekanka (1)zapiekanka (2)zapiekanka (3)zapiekanka (4)

mega-overloaded snack in the jewish quarter.

I imagine many people reading this and thinking just when is she going to finish with her polish trip?! and I promise you that there are only two more to come after this.  I hope this information becomes useful to someone out there – I am an incredibly OCD foodie in that I try and search for the most well-known restaurants in places,  especially from blogs, but there was barely any information to be had on gdańsk! the best resource was tripadvisor – which is a good website and all, but still I would have liked to have read more blogs.

in any case, we took up the free walking tour in the jewish quarter in krakow, and we escaped part way from an overtly enthusiastic not-funny-but-thinks-he’s-funny guide who punctuated all his jokes with a sleazy wink. it was a painful experience to listen to that many bad jokes in such a short interval – and we escaped to preserve our holiday mood.

it was just as well that we were in (what I think is) the market square of the jewish quarter at plac nowy. there were fruit stores around (see photos here) and a central building that housed lots of food stores. I think store might be an over-statement since they were basically windows where you ordered.

before escaping from the guide he had told us about these ‘snacks’. I insert them in quotes because these were nearly 1.5 foot long – who eats this for a snack?! however, the rich food in poland probably explains how this could be relegated to snack status.

they are essentially halved crusty loaves topped with ingredients of your choice. we got the standard – which was cheese and mushroom – because we weren’t really sure what it was like. it came topped with ketchup, and  didn’t really taste of much. it was mildly cheesy and savoury, but it was hot and that was all we needed.

my partner became incredibly jealous when we saw that another customer had ordered a version stacked with salami and ham and sorts of man ingredients so I would say go adventurous (and greedy) since it really is just a hot sandwich!

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