bistro kos, gdańsk

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fantastic food in gdańsk. I haven’t been so impressed by a restaurant in a long time, not even here in london – but then I haven’t been going out as much recently – but this place is spectacular for both price and quantity and quality of food.

I had done some research (tripadvisor, anyone?) on this recommendation from the receptionist at the hostel, and so I knew we were going to get big portions. beyond that, we weren’t too sure hat to expect.

when we arrived at 8pm for dinner, the small space was packed out with people either  eating or waiting to get their takeaways. this is a semi-self-service establishment, where your food is brought to you but you go up to order and to pay, and you damn well get your own table in the place. the demographic of people here was wide-ranging, from young groups of teenages to working men to old couples. I fancy this must be the hangout in gdańsk.

for dinner, we got two main courses of fish – one of halibut and one of sole. the large battered fillets were fried golden (perfect!) and served alongside your choice of fries or boiled potatoes, as well as three vegetable side dishes. the fish was marvellous; the batter was not thick and yet substantial enough, the fish was sweet and flaky, and my boiled potatoes were heaven (let me tell you that if you have never tasted the beauty of a well-boiled tasty spud sprinkled with the merest scattering of salt, you have not lived). the three ‘salads’ was a grated carrot salad (the best one), a horseradish-dressed cabbage one, as well as a beetroot salad. they were so good even my salad-averse partner finished most of it up. I ordered a side dish of boiled vegetables – it is called something like sports salad or something equally ingenious – which really was a plate of overboiled carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. I didn’t actually mind it too much though.

the best thing about this meal? two huge main courses (we couldn’t finish the potato or the salads), 1 pint of paulaner and a side dish came up to the equivalent of 9 pounds. HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT.

we liked it so much we returned the next morning. they have a dedicated breakfast menu on top of the regular one available at lunch and dinner. I opted for a smoked salmon salad (I had lots of envy for a large plate of salad the night before) and my partner had scrambled eggs with bacon, as well as a plate of white sausages.

the salad was lovely – there was a raspberry vinaigrette on very crunchy salad leaves; the smoked salmon was generously draped over the the leaves and it was all topped with a perfectly-fried yolk. I love eggs, and one with a liquid yolk that unctuously (yes this is my attempt at a nigella impersonation) drapes over the rest of my meal is a very good thing.

the eggs kept my partner very happy, and he decided to up the (cholesterol) ante by matching the white sausages and the eggs on a roll – but that was too much even for him. these white sausages aren’t the ones we expected – we were thinking of the bavarian ones – but this was very good though a tad too salty.

this place is a must-go. I’m hungry just thinking of the perfect fish we had.

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