cukiernia sowa, gdańsk

sowa (1)sowa (2)sowa (3)sowa (4)sowa (5)sowa (6)

cosy cafe in downtown gdańsk. this was our last eatery int he city, and we also needed a place to sit down after we had to check out.

it wasn’t that different from pellowski, really. this place did have cosier sitting where we stayed for nearly two to three hours, and we had cups of coffee and tea.

it’s very difficult to be a curious foodie when you’re in a country that doesn’t really speak the languages you know – so usually I just end up ordering based on “hmm I haven’t seen this before” which this time landed me with a chocolate cake topped with bits of marzipan, another crumbly cheesecake, and what I think is rugelach filled with a sort of fig-or-some-other-fruit filling.

the confectionaries in poland have so far proven to be on the dry, crumbly side and I think that’s because it’s often eaten as part of tea, and not so much like dessert. very pleasant and not overtly-sweet, but also a bit disappointing when you want those things.

then again, maybe it’s just because I had no idea what to order.

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