amélie, zagreb

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hello! after a long absence due to exams, I took a short trip to croatia and am back
with a slew of photos and lots of food.

quaint cafe in downtown zagreb. so as with many small european towns, information about restaurants and eateries are far and few between, but I chanced upon a blog post about this cafe.

it’s a pretty little place with the sort of manufactured doll-house quaintness that many new cafes have, and it also had a whole lit counter of cakes. all very pretty.

we had three cakes and two bottles of sparkling water, with a bill that came to the equivalent of 6 pounds – which is extremely inexpensive. her (I am assuming the cafe is owned by a female) cakes are very pretty and rather unusual in composition. we ordered what we thought were slices of carrot cake, blackforest gateau and a poppy seed cake.

the carrot cake was of the rustic italian sort, very coarse and wholesome, with a tangy sort of icing on the top. I liked this one, though as with the other cakes I was expecting the richness and sweetness of a typical American carrot cake and so while it was tasty it didn’t really satisfy my sweet cravings.

the blackforest gateau was made of two types of chocolate layers, the top one more biscuit-like than cake, and the thick cream layer held pieces of cherries. I’m not one for cream, so I have to say I basically nibbled at the chocolate bits and left the cream to my companions.

the chocolate and poppy seed cake was very unusual. it was a dense poppy seed cake that you get in european cities, reminiscent of the dense of a cake made fully of almond meal, and not the fluffy sponge-like cake that you have in the UK or the US.

I really enjoyed this place though – it was respite from the heat, and an experience in a country and didn’t feel gastronomically inclined at all, and the cakes were something special. have a look if you’re in the area!

located at Vlaška 6, Zagreb, Croatia


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