poljana self-service restaurant, plitvice

poljana (1)poljana (2)poljana (3)poljana (4)poljana (5)poljana (6)

decent food at the plitvice lakes. when we went to the hotel lobby to ask for an alternative to the hotel restaurant, we were told that the only other option was here at the restaurant poljana. it’s divided into two sections, a cafe-bar side with minimal offerings of food, and a self-service canteen side with an open kitchen, where you order your pick of a mix of freshly-and-pre-cooked food.

poljana is located at the back of hotel bellevue (where only breakfast and a bar is offered) in a separate building, and it has an alfresco area where we ate at. the food was cheap and good and service was the most pleasant we’ve had on the trip so far.

there is a signboard with a large menu – though quite a few things we wanted were not available then. I ordered trout, and it was freshly pan-fried on the stove – and I saw the kitchen lady take an entire fish right out of the fridge and season it. it was fresh and tasty – simplicity at its best. I asked for, and was very nicely given lots of boiled vegetables – simple stuff really, just some peas, carrots, potatoes and some (very salty) white beans – and I really enjoyed this meal.

my friends had a quarter chicken – a tad dry but tasty – as well as what they termed ’domestic sausages’. I love the idiosyncrasies of translations. these were salty but good value for the meal. we finished with sharing chocolate pancakes – just pre-made commercial pancakes that were microwaved and so a bit rubbery, but they were harmless. (we also ordered two more plates of boiled vegetables to share to finish the meal; the simple things really are best).

all in all, if were to return to plitvice, I would probably continually return to poljana, and ignore the hotel restaurant. it’s cheap and really quite a good hearty end to a walk at the lakes!


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