kamenice, dubrovnik

kamenice (1)kamenice (2)kamenice (3)kamenice (4)kamenice (5)kamenice (6)kamenice (7)kamenice (8)kamenice (9)kamenice (10)

decent seafood in central dubrovnik. dubrovnik is a beautiful city – one that I wish I had a summer home in. I really dislike sunlight – I’ll stay pasty, thank you very much – but the weather we had there was perfect and made for great photographs, and the city walls surrounding the city were absolutely picturesque.

I think I may have mentioned this before, but croatia didn’t really strike me as a truly gastronomic city. the food isn’t immensely distinct, not the way poland is for exampe, and the ingredients also weren’t that unique or fresh. we didn’t eat badly though, so I suppose that’s a good thing.

we were recommended kamenice by our host, and it was packed quite a bit by the time we got there at half six. the menu is small and only seafood, and this limited menu is actually a common factor in the restaurants we visited in croatia.

kamenice refers to oysters, and so this is what my dining partners started with. I don’t eat oysters – traumatic experience with food poisoning when I was young – and I was told that they tasted a bit strange and almost funky, not at all like the usual big oysters they’ve had before.

our dish of octopus salad was an intensely onion-y ceviche-type dish of octopus cubes, tomatoes, onions and parsley. tangy and quite nice actually, though a little too pungent for social eating. we had a dish of fried fish, very small ones with a similar taste profile to whitebait, and these were harmless though rather bland, what with the batter being underseasoned.

the calamari fared a little better, but were also rather underwhelming. at this point we were still hungry so we got a dish of mussels after suffering diner-envy when we saw it on the other tables. the mussels were small – a bit too small – actually and very salty.

it isn’t too bad for a touristy restaurant in town – though not to the standard we had thought when we were told it was a place that locals patronised. it isn’t too bad to have dinner here though actually and overall we liked the experience though we didn’t return!


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