lokanda peskarija, dubrovnik

peskarija (1)peskarija (2)peskarija (3)peskarija (4)peskarija (5)peskarija (6)

decent seafood by the harbour in dubrovnik. it was the last restaurant we visited in dubrovnik, having made another valiant attempt to look for a great restaurant in croatia before we left.

this place was highly recommended in some forums for a great view, and it did. it overlooks the tourist boats and yachts at the harbour, as well as the boisterous men that would otherwise be driving the boats – it was off-peak tourism season though.

it was tremendously windy and quite cold sitting al fresco, but there is inside sitting for if you’d prefer that. we started off with some good crusty bread – which I always think is a good thing for inciting greater appetite before the rest of the food comes.

we ordered a seafood platter to share as well as a dish of seafood risotto. I’ve said this quite a few times before, but risotto in croatia isn’t really that. from what I’ve seen it usually is a paella-type dish, but in this case we had a dish of rice in a thick sort of bisque. it was flavoured with loads of shellfish and prawn heads, which gave it an amazingly seafoody taste thickened by the starchiness of the rice. a really good dish. we sopped up the sauce with the bread, which made it sort of carb-on-carb, which was intensely indulgent but very comforting in the brisk wind.

the seafood platter consisted of 2 very firmly overcooked pieces of swordfish, two oily (but pleasantly so) fillets of mackerel, grilled/fried prawns, sauteed squid and tiny mussels. it was very tasty and largely doused with what I think was a garlic butter (also bread-soppable).

I recommend this restaurant if you’re in the city. it is a sort of tourist-trap, but that doesn’t deter from the fact that the food was some of the best we had in croatia in spite of, or perhaps because of its simplicity.


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