muriel’s kitchen (visit 2), london

muriels (1)muriels (2)muriels (3)muriels (4)muriels (5)muriels (6)

good cakes in south kensington. I’ve blogged about muriel’s before, and rather enjoyed the experience.

happy jubilee, everyone!

there’s something brilliantly british about this weekend, and I had the chance to go out for a spot of cake and some tea, a very british activity. though the weather itself is rather british as well – that is, grey and wet – and so it might put a slight of a dampener on the weekend. but what are the british if not resilient and weather-tolerant?

in any case, I came here for a quick spot of cake and dessert, and muriel’s served us very well with our slice of carrot cake as well as a slice of very good dark chocolate bread and butter pudding, with its custard served alongside. I didn’t eat any of the cream cheese frosting, but that’s a personal dislike for any sort of frosting that I haven’t made myself. the bread and butter pudding is one of those comfortingly stout desserts that remains light and rather delightful, and something I love very much.

come here! prices are a tad high but not exorbitant or even unusual for a cafe, and it certainly feels homemade and britishy. have a good weekend everyone! (and yes I know that there are two photos of each slice of cake, but really I can’t resist the beauty a photo of cake holds, and I hope you can’t either)

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